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Friendly Pilates instruction in Hertfordshire and Essex

Hello and welcome to Tone Pilates!

I am a STOTT PILATES® certified instructor, teaching matwork and reformer in local Leisure Centres, Community Halls, Pilates Studios, at home in Stansted, Essex, and Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire.

Pilates is a fantastic form of exercise as it improves posture and mobility, and keeps the body, especially the spine, healthy. You can expect longer, leaner muscles, improved coordination and balance, plus strength without bulk. After a consultation with my clients we will decide on the type of class and exercise that will benefit you the most, and get you fit in no time!

Pilates could benefit you:

  • If you suffer from back pain
  • If you have stiff, tense shoulders
  • Getting back into shape after childbirth
  • If you want to improve your sporting performance
  • If you are in rehab after injury

Pilates can help people recover from all types of physical problems.


'I approached Tone Pilates because I have suffered with back and knee problems for about 20 years after several knee ops. I had physio and saw osteopaths regularly for about 15 years and it was always a quick fix. It got to breaking point when I couldn't even lift my newborn and was struggling daily...

Tony helped me by giving me one to one classes and tailored the exercises I needed to do. He understood the problems were related and focused on both areas which had never been done before. The result was amazing; after a few months I was able to carry my child, I could bend more easily and my knee has more movement. Tony changed my life and gave it a new lease!

Once I started group classes, I liked how Tony always have me an alternative exercise when he knew my capabilities. He always gives you an alternative. I would recommend Tony to everyone!!!'
-Debbie, Stansted

'I've lost track of how many years I've been attending Tony's class. Out of all the exercise classes I've tried this is the only one I've stuck with long term. His teaching methods are great and his knowledge of how to adapt exercises depending on your ability or injuries is extensive.'
-Becky, Stansted

"I am a road runner and had started a Pilates a year ago, but unfortunately the class I was attending ended, hence me finding Tony's classes this year. I was looking to continue with Pilates as a way of strengthening my core, preventing injuries and for general wellbeing. I have found his classes easy to access for someone like myself with limited experience. There are plenty of opportunities for making each exercise easier or more challenging, so that all levels are catered for. There are a range of exercises which differ from week to week, thereby keeping clients motivated and not bored! I always find myself looking forward to each class and welcome the results at the end of each class. So far, I feel that I am gaining strength and working core areas which would otherwise have no exercise at all. Long may that continue!'
-Monique, Bishop's Stortford

'I approached Tone Pilates because I wanted to go to a regular small Pilates class that didn't cost the earth. I had nagging generalised back pain which I knew was from being at a desk all day and I wanted to mobilise my back regularly before things got any worse. Since going weekly, I have had much less pain and feel so much more flexible. I particularly like the small, friendly classes and the personal approach from Tony. I also like the flexibility of the classes, if you can't make one night, you can make the class up at another session. I have recommended Tony's classes to others and will continue to do so.'
-Fiona, Bishop's Stortford

'I've experienced all sorts of mobility and agility difficulties due to Multiple Sclerosis and needed to find an exercise regime that suited my limitations. I had read in various MS publications that Pilates could be a suitable form of exercise, and when I learnt that Tony (who I have known for decades) was now instructing Pilates, I asked if he would be able to help. I was impressed by his research into the effects of MS and how he was able to select a range of Pilates exercises to suit me. I have been a client of
Tony for over 3 years, and my posture has improved noticeably while my mobility has not deteriorated. '

-Peter, Stansted

'I had been doing Pilates with Tony for about a year when I got pregnant. Tony was extremely helpful and with his support I was able to continue until I was 34 weeks pregnant. I think it really helped with my pregnancy, birth and postnatal.'
-Rachael, Stansted

'I approached Tony because I needed a substitute for the gym I had attended. Tony had done a couple of Pilates classes for the gym which I had attended. As I had found Pilates very helpful for my chronic back problem and wished to continue, I approached Tony and joined his local classes. I would strongly recommend Tony's Pilates to anyone having joint or muscle pain, to adults wishing to keep fit and improve their muscle tone and posture.

I would recommend Tony to anyone who has problems with flexibility for whatever reason. He has enabled me to cope with a chronic back problem and remain fit and healthy in spite of age and stiffness.'
-Stephanie, Manuden

'I had a problem with my lower back for a long time and my consultant suggested Pilates may help. I found an advert in The Link, our local news magazine and got in touch, had a few one to one lessons and then joined class in Ugley. Exercise like aerobics was difficult for me but Pilates helps me greatly, improving posture and concentrating on core muscles. Tony helped me by encouraging me to do Pilates at my own pace and not to overdo any of the movements, his approach is friendly and  easy to understand, he goes the extra mile by explaining the purpose of each exercise and also giving alternative options. Since I have been going to class the pain in my  back has greatly improved and if I miss a class I have noticed that my movement is  more restricted. Thanks Tony for all your help and encouragement and I would  definitely recommend Tony to anyone who has a joint or back problem and also to people  that do not like jumping around in an aerobics class. I look forward to my class each week and always feel better after it.'
-Elizabeth, Stansted

To find out more about Tone Pilates, please call 01279 813 254

A feature about Joseph Pilates shot in my Stansted studio. Includes great archive footage of Jo Pilates and me teaching my lovely daughter Jo.

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